Marching Band Updates

Hey Everyone!

I’m so bummed we had to cancel today’s rehearsal. I am quarantining because of an in-house covid exposure. We had three stellar days of rehearsal and the instructional staff and I all agree – this year is off to our best start yet! Here’s some details we still need to take care of:

Summer Office Hours:

I’ll be in the school on Wednesdays from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM if you need to see me for any reason, pending my quarantine.

Commitment Forms:

I’ve attached a copy of the forms to this email and will be extending the deadline to turn these in to June 15th. You may scan/photograph your commitment form and email it to angelo.sapienza. You can also drop them off during summer office hours. We need commitment forms turned in on time so we can get the right numbers for drill to be ready for Band Camp.

Solo Auditions:

We were also going to audition the first movement solo today. Students wanting to audition should video record their audition with a metronome set to 160 BPM and email it to me no later than June 15th. You may also come in during my Summer office hours.

New Fee:

The Board of Education reduced the marching band fee to $150. The new payment schedule will be $50 for June 3, $50 for July 1, and $50 for September 1.

Although I applaud the district’s desire to make music more accessible for every student, we will need to increase our fundraising efforts significantly to stay on track to achieve our goals for the marching band. Please consider sending an email to clawson.marion and enppmom if you want to learn more about joining the Doherty Instrumental Music Enthusiasts (DIME for short), our new 501c3 fundraising group.


Our 2022-2023 Band Handbook is Attached to this email. Please peruse it before the start of the school year. Changes from the previous school year are highlighted in yellow.

Drums Along the Rockies

Come check out the pinnacle of marching arts by purchasing a group ticket for Drums Along the Rockies. This event is on July 16th, is at Canvas Stadium in Fort Collins, and features drum and bugle corps, a sort of professional-level of marching band. Please click the link below to sign up to reserve a ticket:

Take Care,

Angelo Sapienza (he/him/his)
Instrumental Music Teacher
Thomas B. Doherty High School

Do your best. Be kind.

Doherty Bands 22-23 Handbook.docx

Marching Band 2022 Forms Packet.pdf